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Horizon Hobby brings the mini quadcopter to the masses with the versatile Blade Nano QX RTF. This mini quadcopter is ideal for both amateur pilots and expert RC enthusiasts. Its size and stability give it the ability maneuver through indoor rooms and offices, but it has enough power and agility to perform impressive outdoor aerobatics. Lightweight and durable, the Blade Nano QX RTF is tons of fun in a tiny package.

The folks at Horizon Hobby are a huge name in the hobby world, owning 16 different brands that make everything an RC hobbyist could desire. In addition to popular RC vehicle and accessory brands including such well-known names as Horizon and Team Losi Racing (TLR), they also traverse the skies with their Hangar 9 and E-flite RC aircraft products. The Blade brand alone produces more than 20 different models of RC helicopters, ranging from the Nano QX RTF quad copter to the pro-level Blade 700x.

The Nano QX RTF is the smallest model made by Blade. At just 5.5 inches long and weighing a little over half an ounce (16.5 grams, to be exact), it fits in the palm of your hand. This makes it easy to take anywhere and everywhere, whether you want to practice aerobatics in the park or just have some fun with your co-workers in the office. The Nano QX RTF is widely considered to be the best beginner quadcopter.

Then there’s agility mode, which opens the Nano QX RTF up for faster flying and improved maneuverability. Agility mode is tons of fun in wide open spaces, allowing the pilot to take full advantage of the quad copter’s smooth, powerful flight characteristics. If your tricks happen to land you in any control trouble, just flip it back to stability mode for help in smoothing things out.Typically, we’d recommend that pilots keep their RC aircraft clear of potential indoor obstacles, but the Nano QX RTF is equipped with Blade’s SAFE technology. SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope – flight control software that provides the operator with both stability and agility modes. In stability mode, the Blade Nano QX RTF can keep itself stable in a hover without any help from the pilot. Lose control? Just let go of the stick and watch the quad copter recover into a stable hover all on its own.

If things get a bit too wild, crashes are still possible (though less likely) with the help of stability mode. Even so, it helps to reduce the severity of the situation. We recommend playing it safe whenever possible, as switching modes sooner rather than later will earn you the best outcome in any potentially hazardous situation.

The Blade Nano QX RTF is a powerful little machine, and it’s almost a little too agile for new pilots without any prior experience flying a quad copter. It’s super quick and ultra-responsive – characteristics you’d expect for a high-quality machine of this size – and even experience operators will want to take things slow out of the box, working up to the high speeds and advanced maneuvers that the Blade Nano QX RTF is very capable of performing.

That said, the occasional bump into a wall is made safer by the guards that protect the outer edge of each blade. Even if you do manage to bend or break a blade, the Blade Nano QX RTF comes with plenty of extras. It’s packaged with everything else you’ll need, too. The battery, charger, and 4-in-1 4-channel DSMX receiver/mixer/ESCs/SAFE sensor unit are all included, and there’s no assembly required. You can fly right out of the box.

With its impressive performance and an medium price range, this isn’t a toy you’ll want to buy for your youngest child. There are plenty of less powerful rc quadcopters that won’t hurt your wallet quite so much when a little one flies it into the top of a tree. However, its price point is perfect for the interested amateur looking for a fun and extremely capable heli.

All in all, the Blade Nano QX RTF is a superior mini quadcopter that may, with its incredibly small size, look like it’s just a toy. Don’t be fooled! There’s not much that this sharp little beast can’t do when it’s in the air. You’ll spend so much time with it that the price will divide into mere pennies per hour, and we highly recommend that investment.