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Blade Helis is one of many subsidiaries of the parent company Horizon Hobby Inc. and specializes in therc helicopter models designed for consumers. The main distribution center of Horizon Hobby is located in Champaign, Illinois. Blade Helis is only one division of Hobby Horizon’s extensive RC manufacturing lines.

The company also manufactures and distributes RC cars, planes, boats, and trains along with other radio controllers and product parts as well in their product lines. Their distributorship is internationally based and their products are distributed and sold to at least 50 different countries world wide.

Blade 180 QX HD Quadcopter

If you are looking for a sleek new radio controlled quadricopter to add to your collection, then look no further than the 180 QX HD Quadcopter. This rc quadcopter is a great little machine that is designed for both the novice and advanced RC pilots alike. Plus the Blade team states that the 180 QX HD quad copter is similar to the MQX and Nano QX models making it possible to switch canopies from one model to the next. The Blade 180 is best camera drone for beginners.

Also, the motor pots and propellers are the same as the other models, but the color scheme is different and the landing gear settings are higher to accommodate the addition of the on board camera. The fact that there are some similar parts from one model to the next makes it possible to repair some component damage using parts from these similar models, which can be a nice feature for those who like to switch parts in and out from one copter to the next.

The Blade 180 QX HD quadcopter is set up to work either with the RTF transmitter. Or, if you want to avoid spending extra money on the RTF transmitter, you can alternatively operate the quadcopter in BNF, which version allows you to employ the use of a suitable spectrum equipped and operational air transmitter that you currently own and have on hand.Two Completion Levels

Three Flight Envelope Modes

SAFE Technology or Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope technology is included on the 180 QX HD quadcopter for two stability flight modes and a third agility flight mode option. The first flight mode is the Low Angle Stability mode and is really best for using the on board camera, since this is the smoothest flight mode for video recording or snapping pictures.

The second flight envelope mode, or the high angle stability mode gives the pilot more freedom with banking the copter during flight for more aggressive flight patterns, but the 180 QX HD quadcopter will not flip over in this mode, even though you have more flight freedom.

The third flight envelope mode, called the agility mode, is intended for more advanced pilots who want to use the on board camera while having no safety flight envelope to prevent the copter from doing flips and loops while recording or taking pictures. This final mode allows for a lot more precision flight capability of the Blade 180 QX HD.

The three different flight envelope modes are switch accessed. The final agility flight envelope mode is not recommended for novice pilots.

On Board EFC 720 camera

The On Board EFC 720 camera is set up with an on off switch that must be set on or off before engaging the 180 QX HD quadcopter in flight. However, it is possible to access the built in camera controls from the transmitter to switch between video and snap shot picture modes and engage the camera within each mode. The camera comes equipped with a 2 gig micro SD card that connects to the servo lead built in to the base board.

The camera is also secured in by attaching it to the hook loop strap for proper mounting. This camera can also be used on other planes and such, if you have a free channel for hooking into. The EFC 720 comes with a micro USB connector to allow the user to plug the camera into their computer to download video and pictures without having to take the SD card out of the camera.


Flight Duration And USB Charger

If the 180 QX HD is set in its first two flight envelope positions, it is said to average around 8 to 10 minutes of charged flight time. If you set the flight envelope switch to the agility mode, this will waste battery flight time much quicker. The battery used in the 180 QX HD quadcopter is a 25c 250 miliamp cell.

And the copter comes with a convenient USB charge connector, so you can recharge the copter by plugging it into a computer’s USB port. This makes the copter easy to recharge on the go, if you have a USB port available.


The most useful features of the 180 QX HD quad copter are the ability to repair the unit by being able to switch in parts from other copters, the SAFE technology for flight envelope control, and the on board camera with transmitter control capability for in flight use. In addition, the fact that the EFC 720 camera is useable on other planes is also a feature that some hobbyists seem to appreciate as well.


While the 180 QX HD quad copter comes with a number of great features, some complaints with this quad copter have surfaced from customer concerns. Some have expressed concerns over problems with the camera failing to charge. Others have noted that Horizon Hobby and the Blade Team have not adequately addressed problems with weak propeller manufacturing.

Some have been critical about the flight duration being shorter than lesser expensive copters that give the operator up to fifteen minutes of flight time. But actual flight time is based on a number of factors including payload weight, wind and other environmental conditions.


The Blade 180 QX HD quad copter is a great little RC copter that can be used virtually anywhere and is easy to recharge. It comes with SAFE technology three positional flight envelope modes and will accommodate all levels of piloting skill.

It’s onboard camera can be used on any plane model with a free channel for a servo lead and it comes with a 2 gig micro SD card for in flight video and snap pictures. Overall, the 180 QXHD quadcopter is a great machine and many users really like its features and innovative capabilities.