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DJI Innovations is the leader of innovation in designing and producing unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Their UAS devices are reliable, small, high functioning and easy to use. With over 500 employees, DJI is the largest company in the global market that designs UAS, with operations that span North America, Asia and Europe.

DJI is dedicated to providing an accessible means for professional photographers, videographers, hobbyists and cinematographers to explore the world and get footage like never before. With the release of the Phantom 2 quadcopter, DJI proves once again that they are the global leader in developing and manufacturing UAS technology.

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The DJI Phantom FC40 quadcopter is widely considered as the best quadcopter for the money. The FC40 is one step up from original DJI Phantom that comes with a built-in camera. The Phantom FC40 is also the low cost consumer version of the higher priced DJI Phantom 2 Vision. The DJI Phantom FC40 is a ready to fly quad copter that comes with its own built in DJI designed FC40 smart camera with 720p/30fps HD video support with 10 x digital zoom option via iOS or Android app control.

Using a 2.4G wireless connection, the DJI Phantom FC40 quadcopter provides a full FPV (first person view) experience at up to 100m. The DJI Phantom FC40 is a great choice if you want a quadcopter that provides you with excellent aerial photography.


Quadcopter Features

  • Easy-to-Fly, Stable Aircraft
  • Comes Ready To Fly
  • Fail Safe & Auto Go Home
  • Detachable First-Person View Camera
  • 6-channel, 5.8GHz Wi-Fi Transmitter
  • Naza-M V2 Flight Controller with IOC
  • Up to 984′ Transmitter & 328′ FPV Range
  • Self-tightening propellers stay secure during flight
  • Intelligent flight battery and charger allows for 10-15 minutes flight time

Camera Features

  • FC40 Camera with HD 720p resolution / 30fps
  • Using a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection, it provides a full FPV experience
  • Live feed the camera via Wi-Fi up to 980 feet away
  • Smartphone App For First Person View (FPV)
  • 10x Digital Zoom Function While In FPV
  • Capture Images & Record Video While Flying

Failsafe Systems

  • Features a failsafe function of the Naza-M autopilot system
  • When the communication between the Main Controller and the transmitter is disconnected, the outputs of all command sticks from controller will go to the center position
  • If the GPS signal is good enough, the system will automatically trigger Return To Home and will land safely
  • 2 levels of low voltage protection, a function of the Naza-M autopilot system
  • Low voltage protection helps prevent crashing or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage
    – 1st level of protection, the LED indicator blinks red to warn you
    – 2nd level protection the system will trigger the Phantom to land automatically


The DJI Phantom FC40 quadcopter is a solid choice for a quadcopter purchase. This camera is a compact ready-to-fly quadcopter that will make flying a lot of fun. The first person view camera will allow the pilot to see where he or she is flying.