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Horizon Hobby is a company dedicated to the innovative development of hobby products, the distribution of these products and the retailing of these products as well. Horizon Hobby doesn’t just create these innovative hobby products, but they consider it a top priority to help the consumer enjoy them. Horizon Hobby began in 1985 and soon became a most popular RC distributor in North America. By 2008, they expanded into Europe by establishing a presence in the U.K., France and Germany. Expanding further, they also established a presence in China by 2011.

One of Horizon Hobby’s most successful products is the Blade 350 QX quadcopter. The Blade 350 QX has an outstanding helicopter design, but what makes it exceptional is its capabilities to record aerial videos. The dynamic flight modes of the quad-copter makes it possible for this quad-copter to be stable enough to capture video from a Go-Pro-compatible camera mount that is included. The Blade 350 QX is a ready to fly model and does not require assembly. This quad-copter can be flown inside or outside. The suggested minimum age for its use is 14 and at least an intermediate experience level would be best.

The key features of the Blade 350 QX are exceptional:

• Three flight modes are provided with the flip of a switch by SAFE technology.
• It possesses Smart Mode that has a GPS altitude hold, stick dependence and a ground-breaking SAFE circle.
• It has a stability mode with GPS hold and flight envelope protection.
• It can perform aerobatics and aggressive flying due to its agility mode.
• It automatically returns to the home landing position due to its return home function.
• Although the GoPro camera is not included, a Go-Pro compatible anti-vibration camera mount is included.
• It stops the propeller automatically upon impact with an object due to its intelligent motor control.
• It is out of the box ready to fly. Included are a Spectrum DX5 transmitter, 2200 mAh Li Po battery and DC charger.
• It has a low voltage alert system.

Smart Flight Mode Review
The 350 QX electronics are brilliant. The 350 QX is prevented from pitching or rolling past about 15 degrees by the SAFE, Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope, gyro and accelerometer technology. It limits the amount of pitch and roll angle and makes it impossible to get moving too fast or to control too much.

You can bring the 350 QX back to a hover that is stable and level by centering the elevator stick. It will stop any movement momentum by giving counter corrections. You can keep the 350 QX in a stable hover and altitude position due to its GPS and altimeter sensors. Once you lift the quad-copter up in the air, you can put the radio down. It will remain fixated in altitude and position for the entire flight. The GPS resolution is unbelievable.

You can fly the quad copter so far it looks like a small dot in the distance, and when you activate the return home toggle, it always comes back and lands within 12 feet from where it took off. The “stick relativity’ feature makes it impossible to get disoriented. This is because the magnetic compass sensor works so well.

The SAFE circle can be annoying when in Smart Mode. It will limit your flying area so if you are in a small outdoor area, you will probably wish you could turn it off.

Stability Flight Mode Review
You might find this mode the overall best mode to fly the 350 QX. In Stability Mode the compass sensor is off and you no longer have stick relativity. The pressure sensor is also off eliminating auto altitude, but you do have GPS positioning without Safe Circle. The gyros still work and provide more agility.

Since the 350 QX will pitch and roll to a maximum of 45 degrees in Stability Mode, it’s enough to get it moving very fast. Lacking automatic orientation correction or senseless Safe Circle limitations, it can be lots of fun and easy to fly. Great videos can be taken in this mode since the quad copter can be flown smoother and, therefore, creates less camera shake.

Agility Flight Mode Review
The Agility Flight Mode is lots of fun for many reasons. It is a mode whose performance is filled with aggressive flight characteristics. In this mode, you can really appreciate the flipping and rolling of the quad. With a plentiful mass, loops and flips with inertial and speed built into your maneuvers are lots of fun. When the quad is in Agility Mode, it is apparent the 350 QX has plenty of power.

Return to Home Feature
The “Return to Home” feature works well in all three modes. However, you should be aware of two things when it’s returning home.

• If there is something higher than the altitude the Blade 350 QX’s altitude and its landing position, it will fly into the object and will not fly around it.
• The saved GPS return to home position is the last position you landed at, powered down at and then restarted again.

Despite a few minor gripes, the 350 QX has the best technology built into it to make it well worth the price. The out-of-the-box readiness to fly, the fully autonomous and programmed feature, the GPS altimeter, the SAFE feature, the multi action gyro stabilization feature and the aerobatics capabilities make the 350 QX one of the best quadcopter for the money on the market.