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DJI is the leader of innovation in designing and producing unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Their UAS devices are reliable, small, high functioning and easy to use. With over 500 employees, DJI Innovations is the largest company in the global market that designs UAS, with operations that span North America, Asia and Europe.

DJI is dedicated to providing an accessible means for professional photographers, videographers, hobbyists and cinematographers to explore the world and get footage like never before. With the release of the Phantom 2 quadcopter, DJI proves once again that they are the global leader in developing and manufacturing UAS technology.

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camcorder (White)

Aerial photography and videography is swiftly growing in demand. From the professional outlook, being able to get pictures and videos from an aerial perspective is growing in popularity, and not just in film and commercials. Farmers, contractors, real estate agents, and even law enforcement has grown to rely on the use of aerial photography to better perform their jobs and please their clients. It has also become popular in recreation. DJI Innovations discovered a way to produce products that would give their customers more freedoms in gathering these spectacular aerial shots for an affordable price and added flexibility. The Phantom 2 Quadcopter is an unmanned aerial systems that allows the user to mount a camera and capture the pictures without leaving the ground.


DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camcorder (White)

The Phantom 2 is one of several products that DJI have put on the market. The Phantom 2 is very affordable for someone wanting to expand their business potential or simply take amazing aerial photos. As the name implies, there are four rotating blades which balance the copter and keep the camera steady and in place so that the shots are not shaky. To add to this, they use the Gimbal Stabilization System. This absorption system adds a stabilizing aspect allowing for clearer photos.

Battery life for the Phantom 2 runs for up to 25 minutes with the use of a high performance 5200mAH Lithium Polymer battery. It is also has built in intelligence which will help keep from over charging and also informs you when maintenance and charging is needed. Unlike its predecessor, the Phantom 1, changes were made to the battery so it is much easier and quicker to replace so that you can get your copter back in the air.

The Phantom 2 remote control is a good size and has two joysticks allowing for smooth movement of the copter. The joysticks are spring loaded so when they are released the copter will remain hovering in position. Again this is an area where DJI has shown their products are very user friendly and efficient. The Phantom 2 quadcopter also has a built in function that ensures the copter will return home to the remote or preset location if for some reason it were to fly out of the remotes range.

The software is where this product gets really neat. One of the greatest aspects is that the Phantom 2 can be programmed with a flight plan, so that you can ensure that it captures all of the areas of interest without having to try and navigate it with the control sticks on the remote.

Built in technology informs the user when it is reaching a no fly zone, keeping you safe from breaking any laws, as it is important to remember that anyone controlling and unmanned aerial device must still comply with the laws regulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

On top of those great features, with a simple upgrade the iOSD Mark II can be added giving you the ability to watch the video as it is being recorded in flight making it possible to feel like you are flying with the device.

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Perhaps the biggest downside to the Phantom 2 is the need for added equipment and upgrades to make the experience worth your time and money. The purchase of the DJI Zenmuse GoPro Hero 3 – H3-2D or DJI Zenmuse GoPro Hero 3 – H3-3D is vital as it is the camera that the Phantom 2 is designed to work with, however does not come with the Phantom 2 at the for mentioned price.

These items can be packaged together. There is also the added special programs and the iOSD Mark II which give extra flexibility you are looking for in the product. Adding these features does raise the price of the device, making it closer to $1000 once it is all said and done.

Overall, the device is worth the expense. Its user friendly design and flexibility allow for a wonderful way for people to expand their business or even capture astonishing personal photos. The Phantom 2 is of high quality from an extraordinary company that works hard to deliver wonderful products and the Phantom 2 is certainly on that list.