Heli-Max RTF SLT 2.4GHZ 1Si


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Heli-Max manufactures helicopter models for any level of enthusiast. It doesn’t really matter whether or not someone has never touched a remote control before or they have recorded so many hours of remote flight that they could program everything themselves. The inventory and model kits that Heli-Max provides should fit just about anyone’s needs. Their inventory includes helicopter kits with all the essentials to kits that leave most of the modification up to the user. Most importantly, the prices shouldn’t scare anyone away.

The Heli-Max 1Si Quadcopter SLT 2.4GHx RTF with Camera is a beginner model helicopter ready to fly immediately out of the box. It’s a compact quad designed for stabilization and flying in light winds or even indoors. The materials, although light, are strong and protective. There’s nothing cheap about the feel of it. It’s a neatly designed product with a smooth-bodied frame. The paint is sharp and doesn’t look like it was slapped on as an afterthought. However, Heli-Max didn’t try going over the top to use it as a gimmick. The overall impression of the 1Si Quadcopter SLT is deeply satisfying.

The 1Si Quadcopter comes with quite a few features and functions despite being one of the beginner models. Users will be pleased with the return to pilot option that allows users to hit one button and have the helicopter return.Features and Functions

Sweetening the deal is the Actual Direction Control that greatly helps beginning pilots. No matter which way the quadcopter is facing, it will respond to the controls as though the area the user is facing is forward. The body and shell is designed to help stabilize the device to prevent dipping or turning that may lead to the quadcopter crashing. However, even if it does crash, all of the inner components and the motor have protection.

Once users get a feel for the device, the 720p HD camera can snap shots and even videos to show to their friends.


One of the pros here is simply the fact that no assembly is required. Find it, order it, open it up, and with a little bit of prepping, anyone’s good to go. The product is also inexpensive, which means just about anyone wanting to buy it can afford it. It comes with a decent amount of features, too. Many of the features even five years ago would have added a few hundred dollars to the price tag.

It’s also great for traveling because its small size allows it to fit into hands, even younger kids who might have smaller hands. Users will also be pleased with the video, as most of it is fairly sharp even with lower lighting conditions.

Cons of the Heli-Max RTF SLT

Unfortunately, like many quadcopters with a camera, the motor produces a lot of audio interference when recording. When playing the video back, there’s a loud humming on the video. Users can just press mute, or, if editing the video, cut out the audio and replace it with music.

Once the controls and feel of it are mastered, there aren’t enough features available to keep people wanting more control over this mini quadcopter satisfied. Those wanting to take their flying skills a little further will have to purchase a different model for more options. This also means there’s almost zero customization to be had here.

Additionally, because of the small size, the battery life might not be enough for taking the device away from home. While it does come with a USB charger, the average airtime might leave some disappointed.

Unless someone buys the Heli-Max 1Si Quadcopter SLT 2.4GHx RTF with Camera hoping for something with a lot of tricks and options, there’s not much to dislike about it. It’s an entry-level device meant to spur curiosity and give users a little extra for the money. The price, features, and design are all on the mark.