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The Walkera Company, founded in 1994, is quickly climbing to the top of the tech elite. While companies that offer mini quadcopters are hardly rare, not many can claim that the same patented technology found in their toys is also being contracted by the military. Walkera employs over a thousand engineers and skilled workers. Their technology is in use around the world, from toys to unmanned air crafts.

Walkera QR W100 FPV WIFI Remote Control RC Quadcopter BNF

The Walkera QR W100 FPV WIFI Remote Control RC Quadcopter BNF is elegant in its appearance. At first glimpse, it’s difficult to recognize what powerful technology lies within the device. Unless, of course, you see it gliding through the air, where it can make sharp turns with unparalleled ease. The thin, sleek body of the aircraft is supported and directed by the motion of four propellers, which extend in each direction.

The Walkera QR W100 easily lives up to the Walkera standard of quality because this unit is one of the best mini quadcopters on the market. Perhaps best known for its compatibility with recent models of the iPad iPhone, the Walkera QR W100 FPV WIFI is well known for offering a thrilling first person view during flight. This is an experience that can be re-lived again and again, because WK-REMOTE, the App offered by Walkera, allows users to take pictures and record video.

The QR W100 FPV WiFi records this video using an HD camera, so reliving each flight is just as satisfying as the experience of the flight itself. The WK-REMOTE app also utilizes a gravity detector to give users a more seamless flying experience. The QR W100 FPV WIFI can maintain a clear signal from your iPad or iPhone for up to 80 meters.

For users who prefer the traditional remote control interface, this Quadcopter is compatible with most Walkera Devo transmitters (The recommended transmitter being the DEVO 4).


The benefits of choosing a QR W100 are numerous. Many users comment on the high quality of the machine’s build, noting that even after many crash landings, the W100 remains undamaged. In incidents when propellers are damaged, they are simple to replace using the spare propellers provided. The ability to record video and take pictures is great for parties and family gatherings.

Users will be able to look back at an outdoor barbecue or picnic in a way that they may never before have imagined. Being less than five inches in length and width makes it easy to take anywhere, and makes this machine the ideal choice for an aircraft for indoor/outdoor use.


Even looking at the device in a critical light, it’s difficult to find anything negative to say about QR W100. Some users find that piloting the device through the MK-REMOTE App is difficult compared to using a transmitter. This doesn’t speak against the quality of the aircraft, but one negative aspect is that a transmitter must be purchased separately. The aircraft is able to stay in flight for only five to seven minutes, though this is typical of a toy aircraft this size.

The biggest mark against the device is that it isn’t compatible with the Android OS, and with the growing number of Android users, this is perhaps the Achilles heel to the QR W100. Again, the ability to use a Transmitter in the place of the MK-REMOTE App shields the QR 100 from some of these concerns. However, this will leave some users unable to record their flight. This is unfortunate, because the capability of the QR W100’s HD Camera to record High Quality video is a major draw.


All things considered, The Walkera QR W100 FPV WIFI Remote Control RC Quadcopter BNF is a great option as one of the best mini quadcopters for both newcomers and seasoned hobbyists. The idea of using an App to fly the QR W100 proves to be more than just a novelty feature, and makes flying from a first person point of view both fun and convenient. This aircraft cements Wakera as a brand to watch in the coming years.