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The Guangzhou Walkera Technology CO., LTD. ¨Walkera¨ is a aero-model manufacturing company based in China. According to the company’s website it is a cutting edge company that provides a well-researched an technologically superior, cutting-edge product backed by a thousand engineers and skilled workers. The company states that they blend numerous scientific and engineering disciplines in order to create a high value, reasonably priced product.

Walkera QR X350 RTF Quadcopter w/ Devo7

The Walkera Quadcopter QR X350 comes in several different model versions. Since the company promotes the QR X350 as ¨the best solution for aerial photography¨ the various options are related to camera options: FPV (¨First person view¨), or the more expensive ¨GoPro¨ camera. There is also a Wi-Fi option. The standard radio control pad features a built in monitor for FPV viewing. It was created as a competitor to the DJI Phantom and combines many of the same design features.

The Walkera Quadcopter QR X350 has flight modes for all levels of experience. For the experienced flyer that is ready to capture aerial shots using an optional GoPro Hero camera or for the beginner that needs help in getting aircraft back to start utilizing the “One Key to Home” feature.


Product Features 

All versions of the X350 include a GPS hold system, a stable mode, one key GoHome, Intelligent flight mode, a fail-safe return home and altitude sensor and a voltage protection system.


The Walkera Quadcopter QR X350 flies easily, climbs quickly and is moderately stable. It is easy to mount a camera from it whether manufacturer standard of one of your own choice. The light weight design is easy to disassemble and its flexible propellers make it less susceptible to breakage. Replacement blades are included if a mishap does occur. The GoHome feature works well provided you have calibrated the radio control system properly. An LED light system tells you when the X350 has been properly calibrated and how many satellites are available to help it fly.


The Walkera Quadcopter QR X350 is fairly sensitive and requires more than a cursory knowledge of model planes to operate. It seems to be a trend among knowledgeable operators to switch out the standard radio controls for a more sophisticated system. Ensuring that all of the available satellites are properly recognized by the quadcopter determines whether its many features operate well or with less efficiency. In one test, the GoHome system missed its mark by a considerable distance until it was re-calibrated. It is also vital that the firmware be updated before use.

Some ¨iffy¨ soldering has been observed on the inside of the product. A few small loose balls of solder can disable your entire system and send it crashing to the ground. The Walkera Quadcopter QR X350 battery pack contains a plastic battery tray insert that provides more power than is reasonably necessary to power the craft and is not detachable. There is also an annoyingly large connector that takes up more than its fair space in the battery compartment.Other Observations 

The included instruction sheet does not fully describe the main elements of assembly questions. For example it does not specify the location of the radio antennas and why some additional parts and pieces like zip-strip tie-downs and double-stick tape pieces were included.

There are however numerous online articles and videos which detail upgrades and better operational secrets. The quality of pictures and video acquired through the use of the X350 will largely depend upon your ability to transition slowly when changing direction and altitude.


Each individual has his/her reasons for wanting to fly hobby quadcopters. Heavy consideration into your end use requirements will largely dictate whether or not the Walkera QR X350 is right for you. The QP X350 can be a reasonably priced and readily accessible solution to many of those reasons… Aerial photography remains among the best. A considerable knowledge of electronics and aerial systems or a passion to continually learn about such systems, does, however, seems to be a requirement to one’s enjoyment of this copter with or without the aerial photography considerations.