Walkera QR X800 Review


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Walkera is a brand known for their unique remote control airplanes. Known for selling products mainly for children, they offer professional planes for other purposes. They are an established chinese manufacturer, and they have ventured out from toy planes to MAG production and quadcopters.

The Walkera QR X800 is a top notch best quad copter design from the Walkera brand that utilizes the power of photography and videography. The aerodynamic design allows users to place their DSLR or any type of action camera on the plane to capture stunning images and video from up high. The aerial GPS quadcopter is capable of carrying literally anything up there. It has a retractable landing gear feature and a design to make the extensions like a foldable “umbrella”. This special umbrella-like design helps make it more portable to use and bring around. This is why this aircraft is referred to as a “folding quadcopter”.

Walkera QR X800

  • 40+ Minute Flight Times

This full size quadcopter boasts around 40+ minutes of flight time, so you can be flying your aircraft for an extended period of time, everyday. The charge could last for up to an hour depending on wind and how the copter is being flown. Now you can have it fly up high and capture whatever you want with no problem. The average flight time will be between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

  • Retractable Landing Gear

The Walkera QR X800 is known for saving a lot of additional space when being stored away. The landing gear is quite large but only because it needs to be stable when landing. The retractable landing gear makes it simple to pull out and pull back in when using. When bringing this around, this feature comes in handy because it saves lots of space in bags.

  • Can Lift Heavy Weight

When you take the average DSLR camera, you’ll come to find that it isn’t exactly just a few ounces or a pound or so. Sometimes, they can be a few pounds. This quadcopter actually has a heavy payload lifting capacity, so the average DSLR can be put on this plane without you worrying if it is too heavy.

  • Umbrella Feature

If you notice the wings on the quadcopter, there are four of carbon fiber propellers. The four propellers are designed to be very wide to make it easier to fly this aircraft, but if you want to bring with you on a cvacation, you need it to be smaller. The “umbrella” feature is what makes these propellers contract downwards, making it very convenient to hide away.

Pros of The Walkera QR X800

One of the main benefits is that it comes completely assembled when you buy it in the box. There is no more need to assemble or add in parts of the rc quadcopter. Just follow the instructions to charge it with the programmable batter charger and use the remote control, and you’ll be well on your way to using this for 30-60 minutes after the first charge. It lasts very long in the air compared to other rc quadcopters. It is extremely portable to bring around when you contract both the propellers and the landing gear.

This quadcopter comes with a DEVO 10 transmitter, which is the main tool for achieving a 1.5-2km height range while flying. The additional G-2D gimbal is also included to hold a GoPro Hero 3 camera or iLook camera. The propeller is actually a completely brand new design, allowing the quadcopter to fly higher than ever before compared to other similar models and products.

Cons of The Walkera QR X800

There really isn’t anything wrong with this quadcopter. It takes a little time to learn how to use the advanced controller and opening the landing gear, but after several minutes you will learn what to do.  There is no assembly required, but it can be difficult to understand how the foldable design kicks in for the propellers and the landing gear when you first buy this unit.

Is the Walkera Quadcopter QR X800 worth the money? Absolutely, this quadcopter is a great investment and it can be the perfect gift for anyone wanting to start taking videos of whatever they want in the air. It’s the perfect tool for any videographer who needs the video shots without having to fly on a real plane.